Switzerland – the blockchain champion

The Swiss Blockchain Federation is committed to creating the best possible framework conditions for the blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland. It builds bridges between business, regulation and politics.

The Swiss Blockchain Federation (SBF) is committed to maintaining and expanding the attractiveness and competitiveness of Switzerland as a blockchain location. Our main challenges include the creation of legal certainty and favorable conditions as well as the development of a broad ecosystem.

As a public-private partnership, SBF covers the areas of business, politics, science and society. We network relevant stakeholders and promote the economic and social anchoring of blockchain-based applications and activities.

At the core of the SBF lie the working groups. They are responsible for producing esteemed publications of superior quality, alongside engaging in political advocacy.

Representing interests & concerns

The SBF represents the political and public interests and concerns of the blockchain ecosystem and SBF members to government bodies (Federal Council, Parliament, Cantons) and regulatory agencies (FINMA, Federal Department of Finance).


The SBF is the central platform for all those interested in blockchain from business, industry, politics, administration and science. It networks the players at home and abroad.

Drive innovation

The SBF promotes innovation. It runs the Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland, which generates new ideas and projects, promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology between universities, research and industry and organizes hackathons, pitch days and workshops.

Working Groups

The Swiss Blockchain Federation focuses on current developments and trends in blockchain technology. Blockchain promises broad fields of application in all areas of our economy and society. At a high level of maturity, it will not only enable efficiency gains and new business models, but also solutions for combating climate change, safeguarding privacy, secure digital identity and transparent tracking of supply chains in various industries.

Group Politics

The Group Politics of the SBF is raising awareness of the concerns and importance of Switzerland as a blockchain location on the political radar in Bern. The project was initiated by the five members of the cantonal government who are represented in the SBF as well as four members of the National Council of States.

  • Issue- & Stakeholder-Monitoring

    Understanding which topics are of concern to politicians and the administration and how they act.

  • Advocacy

    Dedicated and overarching representation of the interests of the entire blockchain industry towards authorities and politics.

  • Communication

    Increased support for the blockchain industry in media relations.

News & Activities


The Board is the strategic management body of the Swiss Blockchain Federation. It defines the goals and strategy of the SBF.


The Expert Council consists of members with specific expertise in the fields of technology, law, business administration, politics, society and others. Together with the office, it takes care of day-to-day business.

The Group Politics consists of the five Government Councillors represented in the SBF as well as Councillors of States and National Councillors from various political groups.

The office acts as a central point of contact for all members. It serves as an interface for the exchange of information within the association and for communication. Pascal Ihle (Managing Director), Alexandra Hofer, Sandrine Chézière and Stephanie Niggli make up the office.

Offer & Membership

What we offer

Political and public representation of the interests of the blockchain ecosystem by the Federation

Participation in working groups and committees and actively shaping the future of blockchain

Participation in events (e.g. Infrachain), invitations to VIP events and political roundtables

Visibility through integration in communication (mention in reports and at events, logo on online/print/media

Opportunity to contribute topics and access to a top-class network


CHF 5’000.- per year


CHF 5’000.- per year


CHF 1’500.- per year


CHF 1’000.- per year