für den Erhalt und Ausbau der Attraktivität und der Konkurrenzfähigkeit des Blockchain-Standorts Schweiz
Blockchain Federation

Focus areas

The Swiss Blockchain Federation deals with the current developments and trends in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology promises broad fields of application in all areas of our economy and society. With a high degree of maturity, Blockchain not only enables efficiency gains and new business models but also, for example, solutions for combating climate change, protecting privacy, secure digital identity or for transparent processing in the healthcare industry. 

In order to make blockchain technology accessible to a wide audience, clear framework conditions, standards and guidance are currently needed. The Swiss Blockchain Federation promotes this work primarily through the activities of the Expert Council. 

The Expert Council focuses on the following topics: 

  • Financial Management
  • Industry/Value chain
  • Public sector
  • Education 
  • Law and regulation
  • Technology and security 

Members of the Swiss Blockchain Federation have founded various working groups. The working groups are led by a chairman, operate in a decentralised manner and are supervised by a member of the Expert Council. The working groups work in different compositions on topics with defined objectives.  

The working groups are composed of representatives of the blockchain industry, experts from the “traditional” industry, and academia. This enables interdisciplinary discourse and comprehensive problem-solving. 

The following working groups of the Expert Council are currently active: 

Digital Assets
The working group is dedicated to all topics related to tokenisation and its fields of application. It includes the sub-groups Liquidity, Staking and Book Money Tokens.



Banking deals with concrete use cases of Blockchain technology in the banking sector. 



Industry / Value Chain
The working group deals with concrete applications in industry or logistics. Designation of origin of products is a keyword here.



Law & Regulation
The working group on regulation deals with the general framework conditions of Blockchain technology in Switzerland. 



The working group discusses the possibilities offered by Blockchain technology in the development of solutions for a sustainable use of our planet. The working group is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.



The working group is currently being built up.



The working group is currently being built up.