für den Erhalt und Ausbau der Attraktivität und der Konkurrenzfähigkeit des Blockchain-Standorts Schweiz
The race for Bitcoin has been relaunched

The race for Bitcoin has been relaunched

NZZ am Sonntag, 14.01.2024 – The Swiss Blockchain Federation (SBF) is on the road to success and has made an important contribution to the blockchain and crypto ecosystem over the past five years. NZZ am Sonntag spoke to SBF President and Zug Finance Director Heinz Tännler. Here are the most important statements:

▪ The SER played a leading role in helping to develop the favourable framework conditions that attracted many foreign pioneers and specialists to Switzerland.
▪ Switzerland has benefited enormously from the fact that it set the right course early on. Other countries have noticed this and are catching up.
▪ Switzerland must therefore always be “one step ahead” in terms of regulation. It is important that the national government once again fully supports the “Blockchain Nation Switzerland”.
▪ Former Federal Councillors Johann Schneider-Ammann and Ueli Maurer have been promoters of Switzerland as a blockchain location at home and abroad. “Switzerland has benefited enormously from this commitment. And I currently miss this commitment,” says Tännler.
▪ The SER will become more politically active again from this year, Tännler promises. To this end, it is currently setting up a political advisory board with cantonal councillors and national parliamentarians under the leadership of Councillor of States Matthias Michel.
▪ The SBF recently scored an important success: it was able to significantly mitigate a change in practice announced by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA in the area of staking. This had led to great uncertainty in the industry.

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