für den Erhalt und Ausbau der Attraktivität und der Konkurrenzfähigkeit des Blockchain-Standorts Schweiz
Start of the first stage of the NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland

Start of the first stage of the NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland

#BlockchainChallenges – Start of Ideation

This is your opportunity to become a blockchain entrepreneur! Are you a creative mastermind? Or do you have an idea in mind where blockchain technology could be applied and which you would like to share and further develop?

If you are a startup, student, innovator, or just somebody interested in blockchain technology, this is your opportunity to develop your idea into a concrete business model. Your idea represents the first stage of the four-step SBF Innovation Cycle, guiding you along the process to boost your entrepreneurial career.

Over on our jointcreate platform, we have published a series of challenges on a broad range of topics requiring your input. Simply by filling out a few fields, you can start a creative journey, link up with like-minded peers, and embark on your journey as a blockchain entrepreneur. Your idea does not need to be highly sophisticated; it only needs to help solve a current problem and identify an area where blockchain technology may be applied.

The challenges published today are in the categories: Internet of things (proof of location), real estate, education, decentralized accounting systems, decentralized emission certificates, Self-Sovereign Identity management (SSI), decentralized project management.

Ideas can be submitted on Jointcreate.com starting April 14, 2021. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Register on Jointcreate.
  2. Check out the challenges lined up under “Partner Organizations & Networks” on our Jointcreate profile.
  3. Submit your project idea to us by creating a jointcreate venture and link it to the respective challenge. We will guide your project through the process.

Participants benefit from stimulating workshops, a roster of experts and mentors, and access to substantial capital. After ideas have been submitted on the platform, they can be spun further during our blockchain hackathon and through corporate acceleration events. The most promising ideas will be invited to join a multi-week incubation program with our partner, CV VC, in the heart of Crypto Valley in Zug.

This NTN Innovation Booster systematically brings together innovative ideas with established companies and networks. We already have blockchain and non-blockchain companies on board sponsoring the #BlockchainChallenges, with many more to follow. If you submit an idea on our platform, we can help you accelerate it and even turn it into a fully incorporated startup.

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