für den Erhalt und Ausbau der Attraktivität und der Konkurrenzfähigkeit des Blockchain-Standorts Schweiz
SBF Newsletter #01/2023

SBF Newsletter #01/2023

New year – new chances

The beginning of the year was marked by inflation and banking crises, as a result of which the economy and financial markets in Switzerland and the USA are in a phase of uncertainty. The idea of Blockchain is to create trust, security and transparency. Especially in these uncertain times, we now see all the more that Blockchain can solve problems in this regard.

In this newsletter, you will find examples of Blockchain-based projects and ideas that have been launched recently. With its framework conditions and investments, Switzerland is still predestined to be a world-leading innovation center. We are leading in terms of innovation, but we must not rest on our laurels. Other locations are investing more and more in blockchain and optimizing their frameworks. The UN, Bankers Association and SNB are now thinking hard about the future. Blockchain plays a central role in this.



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