für den Erhalt und Ausbau der Attraktivität und der Konkurrenzfähigkeit des Blockchain-Standorts Schweiz
Experience the unique and vibrating Blockchain Ecosystem during the 1st Crypto Valley Week

Experience the unique and vibrating Blockchain Ecosystem during the 1st Crypto Valley Week

The Crypto Valley Week (June 21st to 27th, 2019) is the opportunity to experience a vibrant blockchain ecosystem and the unique Crypto Valley spirit. At a wide range of events with the Crypto Valley Conference as the highlight, decentralized, inspiring and lateral thinking researchers, startup founders, entrepreneurs, academics, politicians, developers, crypto enthusiasts and corporates come together.

The Crypto Valley is a unique global hotspot, where the internet is being reinvented. Located in the heart of Switzerland, the region between the two cities Zug and Zurich is the birthplace of decentralization.

Representatives of the Government of Zug, of the Crypto Valley Association, the Swiss Blockchain Federation and of the local blockchain hubs and coworking spaces will be represented at a media round table on June 25h organized by the Swiss Blockchain Federation and Crypto Valley Association. Other highlights during the Crypto Valley Week:

  • Swiss Blockchain Hackathon with over 200 hackers, startups, global corporates and academic partners (June 21st – 23th, TrustSquare, Zurich) > Agenda
  • Bitcoin-Meetup: Andreas M. Antonopoulos, one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts, speaking on programmable money (June 24th, Volkshaus, Zurich) > Registration
  • Crypto Valley Conference: The 2nd edition of the largest event in the Valley is coming up with two and a half days of in-depth discussions on the current state and future of blockchain technology (June 24th – 26th, Freiruum Event Hall, Zählerweg 5/7, Zug) > Agenda > Speakers list & registration
  • Cool kids on the Blockchain: Graduation party for the startups who participated in the CV Labs Incubation Program and unofficial afterparty of the Crypto Valley Week (June 24th, CV Labs, Zug) > Registration
  • Swiss Blockchain Investor Day is a matchmaking event where blockchain startups pitch to find experienced investors and supporters (June 26th) > Agenda

Visit https://cryptovalleyweek.com/ for a full list of events. Read more about how to Get the Most out of the Crypto Valley Conference 2019 and Crypto Valley Week

Logistics in the region:
Accomodation in Zug
Accomodation in Zurich
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Facts & figures about Crypto Valley

807 Blockchain-related companies based in Crypto Valley
400 million $ average valuation of the top 50 companies
20 billion $ market valuation of the top 50 companies
4 unicorns, startups valued at over $1billion: Ethereum, Bitmain, Dfinity, Cardano

The area around the Swiss Town of Zug, known as Crypto Valley, is home to a thriving ecosystem with roughly 800 crypto startups and foundations including some of the brightest names in the space (full list). With its crypto-friendly regulation, its style of direct democracy and decentralization, and a rich offering of services focused directly on the need of crypto and crypto firms, blockchain entrepreneurs worldwide identify with Crypto Valley on many levels. The region now is a multicultural ecosystem of incubators, conferences, blockchain competitions, venture capital investors, legal services firms, and co-working spaces.

Learn more about the History of Crypto Valley

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