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Canton Neuchatel joins the Swiss Blockchain Federation

Canton Neuchatel joins the Swiss Blockchain Federation

The Canton of Neuchâtel, a major player in the Swiss blockchain industry, became a member of the Swiss Blockchain Federation on January 1, 2023. By joining forces, Switzerland is to be further strengthened as an internationally recognized blockchain location.

The Canton of Neuchâtel has built its own blockchain ecosystem around industrial applications in recent years. It now includes more than 55 companies that work closely with business players and universities. Now, this pioneering commitment is to be rolled out across Switzerland and the world. An important milestone on this path is the membership and collaboration with the established and internationally renowned Swiss Blockchain Federation.

“Neuchâtel’s accession strengthens the canton on the Swiss map of blockchain technology. This is a recognition of the Neuchâtel community’s continuous commitment to the development of this innovation-enhancing field,” says Alain Ribaux, State Councillor and Head of the Department of Economy, Security and Culture. “The Swiss Blockchain Federation acts as a catalyst between the different Swiss regions. We look forward to the synergies found through this organization.”

The Swiss Blockchain Federation has been growing steadily since its launch in 2018 and is successfully promoting Switzerland as an attractive blockchain location thanks to its now 80 members from diverse industries. The Canton of Neuchâtel strengthens the Swiss Blockchain Federation with its recognized expertise in blockchain, digital currencies, tokens and ICOs. In addition to Neuchâtel, the cantons of Ticino, Zug and Zurich are already members of the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

“We are happy to be able to benefit from the experience and successes of the Canton of Neuchâtel and together strengthen Switzerland as a blockchain location and lead it into a prosperous future. The conditions in the individual ecosystems and cantons are already good. Now we need to make them even more visible and network them with each other,” said Heinz Tännler, President of the Swiss Blockchain Federation. “Experience shows that cantons that have bet on blockchain early on become an attractive location for emerging companies, generate value and enjoy a lot of esteem in the international blockchain scene.”

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